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Famez offers the largest fan base for creators and subscribers in German-speaking countries. With well over 300,000 followers and subscribers on our Onlyfans accounts, we are unique in Germany.


In our German-speaking community, we have plenty of girls ready for you. Our German OnlyFans girls come from various regions such as Bayern, Berlin, and Hamburg. We have girls who showcase themselves in their Dirndl or fitness outfits, highlighting their best features. Additionally, we also have girls from Austria and Switzerland among us.

Famez received the Venus Award in 2022 for the “Best Onlyfans Marketing and Management Agency”

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Famez is one of the largest OnlyFans agencies in Germany specializing in content marketing and management. As a reliable partner for the international market, we are seeking OnlyFans partners worldwide who are interested in collaborating with us for long-term cooperation. We provide a vast German-speaking community for our network partners. For inquiries, please contact us via Telegram. 

German OnlyFans Creators, Amateurs, and Celebrities

In recent years, the popularity of content platforms like OnlyFans, 4Based, and Friends2Follow (F2F) has surged, with Germany seeing a particularly enthusiastic embrace. The German OnlyFans Community serves as a central hub for fans and creators alike, providing an indispensable resource for daily updates, exclusive reports, and in-depth interviews with German OnlyFans creators, both amateurs and celebrities.

The Role of the German OnlyFans Community The German OnlyFans Community acts as a nexus for German-speaking users of platforms like OnlyFans, 4Based, and F2F. It is not just a space where fans can support their favorite creators, but also a platform that allows creators to expand their reach and engage with their audience on a more personal level.

Benefits for Creators and Fans Creators benefit from the visibility and networking opportunities the community offers. It enables them to receive direct feedback and tailor their content accordingly. Fans enjoy exclusive access to content and the ability to interact with creators, which is often not possible on traditional social media platforms.

Dynamics of the Platforms: OnlyFans, 4Based, and F2F

  • OnlyFans: Known for its diverse content, ranging from fitness and cooking to adult entertainment, OnlyFans provides creators with a platform to earn money through subscriptions.
  • 4Based: A newer platform distinguished by innovative approaches to creator-fan interaction.
  • Friends2Follow (F2F): Focuses on fostering closer bonds between fans and creators through interactive features and regular live streams.

Trends and Developments Trends within the German OnlyFans Community indicate an increasing professionalization and diversification of content. Many creators now use professional equipment and collaborate with photographers and content managers to enhance the quality of their offerings.

Challenges and Opportunities As the platforms grow in popularity, creators also face challenges, particularly regarding privacy and copyright issues. However, the community supports its members by providing education and resources to navigate these challenges effectively.

Conclusion and Outlook The German OnlyFans Community continues to be a vital force in the evolution of content platforms in Germany. With daily updates, comprehensive reports, and exclusive interviews, the community offers an invaluable resource for anyone interested in the world of digital content creation.

For more information, visit the German OnlyFans Community website to connect with a vibrant and supportive community of fans and creators. Dive into the world of digital content creation and discover new ways to support your favorite creators or become one yourself.